Panamei® Splash Cooking Challenge

Do you love to cook? Do you love Seafood?
If so, then here’s a chance to show off your culinary talent and put your cooking skills to the
test! Followers of Panamei Seafood’s social media accounts, Facebook & Instagram, living in
the US, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will have a chance to participate. Simply
submit an original recipe featuring one or more Panamei Seafood®
product(s), between February
26th and April 12th, 2020. Each week, our judges will review the submissions and select up to
three recipes to be featured. Participants selected for the weekly featured recipe(s) will receive a
$100 VISA® Gift Card. At the end of the entry period, all recipes will be eligible to
compete for the Grand Prize of $1000.

Contest Details

• Participants must submit a photo or video of an original recipe, that includes and features
one or more Panamei®
product(s). Video entries must be less than one minute long.
• The recipe must be posted on the participant’s social media account tagging
@Panameiseafood on Instagram or Facebook. Participants must follow
@Panameiseafood on Facebook or Instagram.
• Participants must also complete and submit the “information form” located
• Every week, up to three outstanding recipes will be chosen (one from each region: PR,
DR and US) and these participants will receive a gift card valued at $100.
• At the end of the term, one final winner will be chosen from all participants and will
receive a grand prize of $1000 USD
• All featured and winning recipes will be published and promoted on our social networks.
• The contest is open to the following territories where Panamei®
products are available:
United States, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic
• Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
• JPG, PNG, TIFF or MP4 files are accepted.
• Deadline to enter the competition is April 12th, 2020.
• Grand Prize winner will be selected on the Week of April 20th, 2020.
• Participants may enter the challenge with more than one recipe, each entry must be
submitted separately and must follow all the steps.

Terms and Conditions

Participants must live in the United States, Puerto Rico or Dominican
Republic to qualify to win. By completing and submitting the Information Form, the participant
agrees to the terms and authorizes Quirch Foods®
(Panamei Seafood®
) to use/repost submitted
photos, videos, and recipes on their social media and advertising platforms, including
websites. Participants also certify that the recipe and photo/video material are original and do not
infringe copyright rules.
All recipes must use Panamei Seafood®
products only. No other seafood brand permitted. Prizes
will be awarded in the form of a VISA® Gift Card where applicable.
All participants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. Participants must not be
professional chefs or currently employed by Quirch Foods, LLC.

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